LTP Team MUOnline Development

Season VI Episode III Emulator

LTP Team MUOnline Development

Server files based on X-Team Engine
New era server files with possibility to downgrade this server files into any Season you like. Disable Summoner and Ragefighter with ease. Everything configurable by administrators of servers.

Customization and features
The ability to exclude from gameplay, characters, Summoner & Rage Fighter. The ability to tailor a server running the old version by disabling a new feature in the 6th season. On our Season you can easily make new Chaos Goblin Mixes, Custom Invasions, easily add new Custom Monsters and Worlds. There’s a lot of things you can’t gain in free or any other server-files.

Our game-client got unique and great add-ons like: high resolution support, anti-aliasing mode, bloom effect as TronGlow, additional User-Panel in which you can easily manage what need to be turned on or off, Fog mode (field of distance), additional in-game timer, item smoke (effects) systems and effects system configurable by your own for weapons, shields and new and old wings and more!

LTP-Team Season 6 EMU

200 10$ monthly fee
  • General Informations
  • Version: Season 6 Episode 3
  • Optimized resources usage
  • Free Supported Installation
  • Free Updates to new content
  • Community forums and Support
  • Multi-platform Payment
  • Game-client and config overview
  • Custom made modules and plugins
  • Season downgrade functions
  • Game-Client
  • 3D Camera Support
  • 3D Camera position reset
  • Auto-Reconnect System
  • Offline Store function
    Make private store and go offline when your character will be still online selling items.
  • Resources Optimizer (On/Off)
  • Item Glow System
  • Item Effects System (Custom Glow)
  • In-game News System
  • In-game Vote Parcer
  • Additional-Lang Support
  • Customizable Monster HP-Bar
  • Customizable Font Type/Size
  • Custom Items Support (512 per category)
  • Custom Maps Support (up to S14)
  • Custom Monsters Support (up to S14)
  • Custom NPC's Support
  • Custom Pets Support (MUUN's too)
  • Custom Rage-Fighter Gauntlets Support
  • Custom Elf's Bows Support
  • Custom Magic-Gladiator Blade Position Support